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Windshield Perfection in Minutes: Experience the Las Vegas Express Auto Glass Difference!

Glass Repair

You don’t have to have lived in Las Vegas for an extended period to know that the Mojave is brutal and hot during the summer months … which account for good seven to eight months out of the year.

Sitting in the shadow of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Las Vegas gets very little rainfall each year. Just four inches on average. This means that there is a lot of sunshine, and you probably didn’t know that in only a few minutes the interior of your car can heat up to over 172 degrees on a 100-degree day.

Your glass will also reach these temperatures making it expand with the heat. So if you have any cracks or chips, they are likely to expand. Glass repair and car window repair need to be handled quickly, or else you may end up with damage that cannot be repaired.

More costly auto glass replacements become the only option. The remarkable, certified technicians from Las Vegas Express Auto Glass can handle your glass repairs in as little as 30 minutes! In addition to that, we can send them to your location so that you don’t even have to spend that short amount of time in our auto glass shop.

Here is the best part: we don’t even charge for this portion of our service; it is included in our standard prices. You can take advantage of our 100% guaranteed repairs in the comfort of your own home. If you want the best auto glass repair service at prices that can’t be beaten, give our shop a call today and receive your free estimate today