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Auto Glass Repair

When you live in the Las Vegas area, auto glass repair is something that should be taken care of without hesitation. I say this because the desert sun acts as an accelerant to the damage sustained by your auto glass.

After the molecules and the glass expanded during the day, this rapid contraction of the glass leaves the cracks where they were at the expanded rate, causing them to ‘grow’.

After a while, windshield repair may no longer be an option, because the cracks will expand to a point where they breach the frame to glass seal or expand beyond 14 inches in length.

So we stress that you contact Las Vegas Express Auto Glass as soon as possible when you have glass damage on your vehicle. We have been properly repairing the auto glass on cars, vans, trucks, and SUVs in the Las Vegas and Clark County areas for over a dozen years. We specialize in:

  • Auto Glass Repair Las Vegas

Just give us a call and we’ll answer all of your questions regarding the auto glass repair process and even make sure that you get a free competitive estimate on repairing your vehicle’s auto glass. Call us today and learn why we are the top-rated company in LV.