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Windshield Perfection in Minutes: Experience the Las Vegas Express Auto Glass Difference!

Car Windshield Replacement

There is so little rain in Las Vegas that the highways and roads have ample opportunity to gather excess debris. All of this extra stuff on the roads can become airborne when passing vehicles travel near to the objects.

It happens a lot, some big, hard object gets shot out from underneath the tires of a passing automobile or gets sucked up into the air from a large tractor-trailer and flung like a bullet into the windshield of a trailing car. Sometimes the damage is so extensive that the victim needs windshield glass replacement immediately.

But often, car windshield replacement is only needed because we let a simple crack get out of hand, neglecting to get it repaired by a qualified shop like Las Vegas Express Auto Glass. However your vehicle got to the point to where it needs its windshield replaced, it is important that certified specialist handle the installation.

Did you know that vehicles with passenger-side airbags need to have a special windshield seal that is 600% stronger than automobiles that do not have passenger airbags? These are the kind of things we know.

We also understand how to get that perfect automotive frame to windshield seal that will secure the auto glass to the frame of the vehicle as close to the original factory seal as possible.

Our installation technicians are so skilled that we stand behind all of their work with full warranties that can be called upon for as long as you own your vehicle! That’s right, nontransferable, lifetime guarantee on our car windshield replacements. Don’t put yourself at risk by driving with a severely damaged windshield, call our top-rated team today and get a free estimate based on your vehicle type.