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Windshield Perfection in Minutes: Experience the Las Vegas Express Auto Glass Difference!

Auto Glass Las Vegas

Anyone who has visited Las Vegas a decade ago and then visited now, would be awestruck by the amount of growth that has happened over the last few years.

The population has grown three-fold since the eighties, and it has almost doubled just in the last eight years! When you do some simple math, there are double the number of automobiles on the road as there were in 2010.

More cars and trucks result in more congestion and of course, more traffic incidents. A result of accidents is hard debris left lying on the road systems. There is very little rain in Clark County as we are smack dab in the Mojave desert, which is a rain shadow desert that only gets 2 inches per year in parts and 4 inches per year in the Vegas area.

All this sun means that mother nature almost never cleans the debris out of the roads for us. The fact that hard debris is left in the roadways makes for projectiles that can get spit out at high speeds from underneath passing trucks and cars.

When your vehicle gets hit with this debris, you need an auto glass Las Vegas company that you can trust to fix the dame correctly the first time around. Las Vegas Express Auto Glass is that auto glass shop. We have been handling windshield repair and windshield replacement for well over a dozen years.

Locals to Clark County know that if they want repairs that are guaranteed for as long as they own the vehicle, to call our award-worthy staff. So, if you have any issues with your auto glass, call our team and ask about our express (mobile) service today. We’ll answer your questions and set you up with a free quote.